About Austin SEO Pro

As a Marine, Glenn served in the US and overseas on the USS Belleau Wood aircraft carrier. He was an Avionics Technician, Corrosion Control NCIOC and a Primary Marksmanship Instructor during the early 1990's. He attended college while in the Marines and finished 1 1/2 years while on active duty. This was not easy since deployments and a heavy work load in the Marines left little free-time. After the Marines, Glenn finished his AA degree in Business Administration from RMC in California and then earned his BA in Government/Political Science from CSUS with an emphasis in contractual law and accounting. Computers and software have always been at the center of Glenn's life. And in 2011 he decided to help business owners with SEO, marketing and of course web design. Glenn takes his business very seriously and is unlike many web designers. Answering the phone on time, calling people back and obviously getting projects completed to the customer's satisfaction is Glenn's number one goal. He has been invited to speak around the country at SEO conventions but prefers not to share his trade secrets so that he may help his customers beat the competition.

Does Austineopro.com's initial work and monthly updates really work for any business?

Here is the truth, if you do not use us your competitor might hire us. Think about it. Being thorough and complete in SEO is what we do. There is no software that can compare to custom coding done by us especailly if you have a "Wordpress" website.

How much does SEO cost?

Search Engine Optimization is the least expensive way to advertise your business. Did you know that fact? Radio, print media, coupon mailers are great ways to get your phone ringing but often this comes at a big expense. On the other hand, SEO by us is very inexpensive. Don't have a website? We can help. The initial costs vary by the size of your website design but it is a one-time fee. Monthly fees for website maintenance and SEO are low and very competitive. Generally, the SEO monthly cost is 75% cheaper than pay-per-click. As the saying goes, "Your website is only as successful as your SEO expert."