How does SEO work?

Search Engine Optimization works via Keywords, H-tags, Alt-tags and Content Sentence Structure. Let's say a person can describe his/her business in one word, "donuts." Well, that's great but what kind of donuts? Where is the shop located? Do they have maple bars? One must see that if a potential customer is looking on a cell phone and Google Maps the nearest donut shop, he or she will probably go to the closet location. However, a brand name or popular search term the "cronut" could yield interesting and very specific results in New York City. So, what about H-tags and Alt-tags?

An H-tag code looks like this <h1>I love Donuts</h1>. Now, that is not a very good H-tag because it doesn't describe the location, type of donuts and of course the actual best key words to use. Here is a better h-tag for a donut shop in Austin, Texas <h1>Donut Shop Warm Springs Blvd</h1>. Notice I left out the dot in Blvd. I did this because the more exact a Query (search) on a search engine the more likely you will at the top, but not always. As for Alt-tags, they are simply the description of an image or video. Usually short and to the point to help sight-impaired folks see the internet. Google is very big on this; do not make the mistake of leaving alt tags out.

Content Sentence structure must be clear and concise. Do not word stuff, get fancy or think you are the "Great Ernest Hemingway." To the point, if I can easily read it then its fine. If I cannot understand everything the first time through, go back and simplify the sentence structure and lessen the boring adjectives that abound. One must understand that Google is an AI (Artificial Intelligence). It doesn't think or ponder, it just does what it is designed to do and that is to figure out who should be at the top of page#1.

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