Austin Responsive Website Design

Glenn provides samples of websites in person only. He only shows an evaluation and presents a written estimate in person. SEO reports with top Google Search Queries results are available in person only. He is currently handling 15 websites for his customers.

When he builds a correctly formatted and viably SEO driven content responsive website with CSS that really works on multiple platforms, it makes a world of difference. The Viewer (End-User) who is your customer expects data to flow easily and the presentation of products and or facts to make sense. Unfortunately, around 90% of websites are poorly built in the United States. And this greatly affects SEO. Google judges your website on many different levels but common sense and ergonomics of data is really important too. Careful planning and implementation of the right style, text, and data composition is essential in any website. Glenn has a plan to make your business better, faster and more marketable.

Austin Website Rebuild Fix My Website

Can Glenn fix an existing website that was poorly built years ago using old code? The answer is yes and no. Yes in that Glenn has the computer and code skills to fix most websites. No in that he prefers not to concentrate on websites that should just be rebuilt. HTML5 is so much better than its predecessors. And don't forget that Adobe's Fluid Grid Layout is the latest and greatest way to build mobile friendly responsive websites.